x when installed on a USB drive?

What is the default VFAT scratch partition size for ESXi 5.x when installed on a USB drive?





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  1. MattT says:

    “The ESXi installer leaves the scratch and VMFS partitions blank and ESXi creates them when the host is rebooted for the first time after installation or upgrade.

    One 4GB VFAT scratch partition is created for system swap.”

    1. MattT says:

      scratch that – for USB:

      VMware ESXi 5.0 (Embedded/USB)

      One 110MB diagnostic partition for core dumps, if this partition is not present on another disk. The other size recommendations that apply to ESXi 4.x embedded are also applicable to ESXi 5.0 embedded.
      The VFAT scratch and diagnostic partitions are created only on the disk from which the ESXi host is booting.

  2. JR says:

    It’s D None.


    Due to the I/O sensitivity of USB and SD devices the installer does not create a scratch partition on these devices. As such, there is no tangible benefit to using large USB/SD devices as ESXi uses only the first 1GB. When installing on USB or SD devices, the installer attempts to allocate a scratch region on an available local disk or datastore. If no local disk or datastore is found, /scratch is placed on the ramdisk. You should reconfigure /scratch to use a persistent datastore following the installation.

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