which of the following vSphere features (Choose Two)?

Raw Device Mapping using Physical Compatibility Mode is supported with which of the following vSphere features (Choose Two)?



Virtual Machine Snapshots

High Availability (HA)

Mastering VMware vSphere, page 270-1.

Physical compatibility mode (pRDM)
The inability to take a native Vmware snapshot of a pRDM also means that features that depend on Vmware snapshots (the vStorage API’s for Data Protection, Vmware Data Recovery, and Storage vMotion) don’t work with pRDMs.

VMware -Raw Device Mapping (RDM)
With Physical compatibility mode you VM can access LUN directly. This is generally used from the application inside VM wants to directly access LUN. However using physical compatibility mode you lose the option to clone a VM, make it a template and migration when it involves moving disks.

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