Where is LUN masking configured?

Where is LUN masking configured? (Choose two.)

on the Fibre Switch

on the host

on the storage processor

on the Ethernet switch

on the firewall

LUN Masking in a SAN

There are three places where LUN Masking can be implemented. The first is in the storage, the second is in the servers [the host], and the third is either in a device through which all of the I/O passes or the SAN itself, [the switch]. Each of these has its benefits. In practice, LUN Masking at a customer site is implemented in multiple ways reflecting the different methods used by each vendor.

To implement LUN Masking in the switch would require that a time consuming table look-up be performed that is not currently possible within Implementing LUN Masking due to memory constraints on the fibre channel switch ASIC. This means that all of the data would need to be staged to a central cache before being forwarded on. This is simply not possible with today’s technology without increasing the latency by a factor of 10 to 100 times.

Therefore the only practical place to perform LUN masking is on the host or on the storage processor, (B & C).

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