What happens as a result of the failure?

A network administrator has discovered a failure that has affected accessibility to the management network. As a result, none clusters are able to communicate on this network. The cluster was configured with default settings.
What happens as a result of the failure?

The VMs will be powered off on slave hosts in the cluster.

All VMs on all hosts in the cluster are unaffected.

The VMs will be powered off on slave hosts that cannot communicate with the master on the affected network.

The VMs will be powered down on all hosts in the cluster

Page 28 of vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-availability-guide.pdf

Host Isolation Response Setting
Host isolation response determines what happens when a host in a vSphere HA cluster loses its management network connections but continues to run. Host isolation responses require that Host Monitoring Status is enabled. If Host Monitoring Status is disabled, host isolation responses are also suspended. A host determines that it is isolated when it is unable to communicate with the agents running on the other hosts and it is unable to ping its isolation addresses. When this occurs, the host executes its isolation response. The responses are: Leave powered on (the default), Power off, and Shut down. You can customize this property for individual virtual machines.

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