What are the three service offerings provided by a VMware-powered public cloud? (Choose three

What are the three service offerings provided by a VMware-powered public cloud? (Choose three.)




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  1. daxbea says:

    Service Offerings
    VMware vCloud Datacenter Services consist of three different service offerings. A single customer can have one
    or more of the three offerings:
    • Basic VDC – provides unreserved “pay per use.” It is designed for quick-start pilot projects, or for workloads
    such as software testing that don’t need resource reservations/guarantee.
    • Committed VDC – provides reserved compute resources (subscription model) with the ability to burst above
    committed levels if additional capacity is available. It offers predictable performance by reserving resources for
    workloads within a multitenant infrastructure, while also enabling on-demand self-service.
    • Dedicated VDC – provides dedicated compute resources (using specific, dedicated hardware), sometimes
    known as virtual private cloud. It offers predictable performance by reserving dedicated resources, which is
    useful for situations where security or compliance requirements require physical separation.

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