What changes to the vApp configuration will correct the issues?

Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator is creating a vApp for a multi-tiered web application. The vApp has been configured as shown in the exhibit. Testing of the vApp indicates that attempts to communicate with the web server on Dev_Web_01 fail. The developer wants to be sure the database server OS is completely started before the other servers power on. The developer also wants to minimize recovery time.

What changes to the vApp configuration will correct the issues?

Move the Dev_Web_01 virtual machine to Group 3 and increase the time value

Move the Dev_App_01 virtual machine to Group 1 and increase the time value

Move the Dev_Web_01 virtual machine to Group 3, decrease the time value and check VMware Tools are ready

Move the Dev_Web_01 virtual machine to Group 3, increase the time value and check VMware Tools are ready

20 Comments on “What changes to the vApp configuration will correct the issues?

  1. mkbell35 says:

    Cann’t understand why this answer is D,when there is no group 3. okay does it mean we have to create group 3?

  2. diego says:

    Hi, moving Dev_Web_01 to group 3 leads that the Dev_App_01 in group 2 starts before Dev_Web_01. So the situation is worse than in the exibit. Cannot understand the answer. please help

  3. Eichi says:

    I say B is right, because it is in group 1 with the DB server and with more time, for example 240 seconds the DB server should be up and running

  4. mike says:

    i say the answer is correct. since a web server is the frontend of an application it should start once everything else has started since it depends on app and database server to initiate first before the web server can perform correctly. Creating a new group will guarantee that it will be the third to start up.

    if you put two machines in the same group, they’ll boot at the same time, otherwise it’s a top to bottom list.

  5. CiscoJedi says:

    Agree with Mike. Plus whichever happens FIRST will trigger the startup event: vmtools becoming available OR the timer expiring

  6. Hawkbox says:

    That would explain my difficulty with the question, I mistakenly assumed it would ignore the timer and only check for VMware tools. It was poorly worded though. I found a lot of the questions were.

  7. SC says:

    If I was leaving in my own world, I would choose C but for this exam, I am going to choose D to make VMware happy. As Pavel asks, why would I want to increase the time when the recovery time needs to be minimized.

    1. khelson says:

      because it’s an OR not an AND, it will continue if either the VM Tools are ready, or if the timeout is elapsed, if you lower the timeout, it may not have time to complete boot up before the next VM starts, and: “The developer wants to be sure the database server OS is completely started before the other servers power on”

  8. Fuck off says:

    these cumps are bullshit without validated “proof cited” explanations.
    If you want to do something, do it right!?
    Oh wait, it’s created for and by lazy asses who take every shortcut possible.

    That is all.

  9. Mohammed says:

    I think the partial correct answer is A,C,D.
    Increasing or decreasing the time value or Enabling VMtools checkbox will not have any impact as this VM will be powered on only after all the other VMs in above groups are started.


  10. zee says:

    My explanation would be
    -enable vmware tools to make recovery faster
    -increase time just in case to be sure others machines are loaded before Dev_web

  11. Rich says:

    This is another bogus one.

    The answer should state:

    Create a group 3 and move the Dev_Web_01 VM to it.

    If you were going to increase the lapse OR select when ‘VNTools are ready’ (either one but NOT bothe would work), you would change those settings on Groups 1 & 2, not on group 3.

  12. Stef says:

    I think group 3 is shown/created when you move the VM lower then the lowest group automatically.Selecting the increased timer gives more reaassurance (A & D are valid)
    but if the VMware tools would be ready before this timer. As we don’t know the time too boot/have the webservices ready, whatever comes first decides.
    So from a practical point of view I’d go along with D. Moreover if you have a 3 staged environment your web server needs its app server, the app server needs its DB server so 3 groups are required to have the least of doubts

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