Which three use cases would necissatate a RDM? (Choose three

A virtual machine is using a Fibre Channel attached RDM LUN.

Which three use cases would necissatate a RDM? (Choose three.)

VMware snapshots


Physical server-to-virtual machine clustering

Distributed file locking

SAN management agents

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  1. Raj says:

    NPIV stands for N-Port ID Virtualization. It is an ANSI T11 standard that describes how a single Fibre Channel Physical HBA port can register with a fabric using several worldwide port names (WWPNs), what might be considered Virtual WWNs. This in turn means that since there a multiple Virtual HBAs per physical HBA, we can allow WWNs to be assigned to each VM.

  2. vcp510 says:

    Correct: C, E, and B not D


    “You can use NPIV only for virtual machines with RDM disks.”

    “VMFS and RDM. Both options provide clustered file system features such as user‐friendly persistent names, distributed file locking, and file permissions.”

    I study a lot and work with this technology but still this questions are messy for me:

    1467 – A or B or D
    1506 – D and C or A
    1549 – A or C or D
    818 – A and D
    1162 – B or C
    1336 – D and B or A
    1488 – A
    1474 – A or C
    1461 – ?
    179 – BD?
    705 – DB?
    563 – AD?
    1237 – BD?
    371 – A or D

    Guys please comment this questions.

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