Winch vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

An administrator is configuring a stretched DRS/HA clusters. The administrator wishes to restrict the failover of VMs to certain hosts within a given site.

Winch vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

DRS Storage Groups

DRS Host Groups

Host Priority

Host Affinity

Page 73 from vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-resource-management-guide.pdf DRS Host Group is a prerequisite of VM-Host Affinity rule. In DRS group you will create a list of available hosts from specific virtual machines.

*Stretched clusters are sometimes referred to as a "split cluster"
*A stretched cluster is a cluster with ESX/ESXi hosts in different physical locations, usually different geographic sites
* Stretched clusters are typically built as a way to create "active/active" data centers in order to:
/ Provide high availability across sites
/ Do dynamic workload balancing across sites

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