Which virtual disk type is supported on this platform?

An administrator is deploying a number of virtual machines to an NFS datastore. The NFS datastore does not support hardware Acceleration.
Which virtual disk type is supported on this platform?

Flat disk

Raw Device Mapped disk

Thin Provisioned disk

Thick Provisioned disk


Page 209 on vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-storage-guide.pdf

NFS Disk Formats
The only disk formats you can use for NFS are thin, thick, zeroedthick and 2gbsparse.
Thick, zeroedthick and thin formats usually behave the same because the NFS server and not the ESXi host determines the allocation policy. The default allocation policy on most NFS servers is thin. However, on NFS servers that support Storage APIs – Array Integration, you can create virtual disks in zeroedthick format. The reserve space operation enables NFS servers to allocate and guarantee space.

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