What is the process to install Data Recovery?

An administrator decides to use data recovery to backup some key virtual machines. What is the process to install Data Recovery?

Run the vCenter installer, using the Custom option as the choice for type of installation, and then follow the prompts to install the tool.

Locate the folder on the vCenter mdia and install VDR to the vCenter Server.

Copy the OVF from the Data recovery CD and use the vSphere Client to import it.

Download the OVF file and copy it to a datastore that is visible to the managed hosts. Right- click the OVF file and select Add to Inventry.

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  1. Kieran Laffan says:

    Technically none of the above are correct alone. The client plugin must first be installed from the installation media and then the OVF template for the backup appliance can be either downloaded and imported into vCenter or imported from the installation media.

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