What is a likely cause of the error shown in the exhibit?

An administrator is configuring vMotion in their environment. As a part of the implementation, an administrator is examining resource mapping for virtual machines.

What is a likely cause of the error shown in the exhibit?

vMotion has been disabled because the production network does not exist on both ESXi host.

vMotion has not been enabled on the production port group

vMotion has not been enabled on a VMkernel port group

vMOtion has been disabled because datastored is no presented to both ESXi hosts


Challenged by Kreden 11-14-2011 Believes answer is D – However, if you read the following its obviously incorrect – C is still the correct answer.

This only shows up in the Maps when the vmotion OPTION is not checked in the PORT group – hence vMotion is DISABLED!

Other Notes: vMotion doesn’t need a “production” network it can use any network. It also should not be using a “production” network.  Datastore has nothing to do with vMotion in this diagram – this is Maps – it would give a vmotion error if it wasn’t on the datastore not a vmotion disabled..

Please see: http://cosonok.blogspot.com/2011/10/vcp510-vcp-on-vsphere-5-exam-cram-notes.html

5 Comments on “What is a likely cause of the error shown in the exhibit?

  1. Skandranon says:

    This answer is wrong. The caption “vMotion is Disabled” indicates that the answer C is correct. When you enable vMotion on the vMK port, the Host will not show that message.

  2. David says:

    Based on the screen shot, both C & D are correct. vMotion isn’t enabled on esxi1 and esxi1 isn’t connected to datastore1.

  3. firebird says:

    The fact that esxi1 isn´t connected to datastore1 does not allow for vMotion but not generate a “vMotion is Disabled” message. The only correct answer is C.

  4. Ed says:

    When you look at answer C, it said “vMotion has not been enabled on a VMkernel port group”. The fact that there is an error message, it shows that the configuration must have been working once. If it was working, C would not be a right answer? Has anyone test this in the real ESx environment?

  5. Antti says:

    I tested this on my lab. Management network is not shown in the resource map of a VM. If you disable vmotion from VMkernel port group, you get the red X and “Vmotion is disabled” error message. And I also unmounted the datastore from the secondary ESX host, then you loose the line to the storage and get an red X, but no error message.
    So answer C is the correct answer to remove the error message, but there is still storage missing, so there is no answer that would fix this completely.

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