Which two statements are true about this configuration? (Choose two

An administrator has been tasked with upgrading an exsiting host from ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.x. The existing host has only vSwitch0 with all the default settings.

The upgraded host will have the following new requirements.

1. 116 virtual machines will be connected.

2. four uplinks configured for port-based load balancing.

3. The switch will include a secondary heartbeat network for HA.

Which two statements are true about this configuration? (Choose two.)

The Service Console Port will be removed during the upgrade

The configuration requires only one VMkernel Port

The default vSwitch0 is sufficient for this configuration

A change to vSwitch0 Properties is required

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  1. George says:

    Since there is a 2ndary HA heartbeat, we can assume it is clustered and therefore VMkernel ports are needed for management and vMotion.

    Of course, the best way to answer the question is to confirm A is right.

  2. A+C
    A standard vSwitch has 120 ports port VM and vKernel nics and 8 reserved ports for the uplinks.
    So a standard vSwitch would be enhough: 116 for the VM’s and 2 (dual HA) for the vKernel nics = 118 ports <120 and 4 uplinks < 8 ports reserved for them so it fits all on a standard vSwitch without any modification.

    1. Mtol20 says:

      Agree with bas answer should be A and C

      A: Because ESXi 5.0 has no Service Console, migrating from ESX 4.x to ESXi 5.0 removes the Service Console port group.
      After the migration to ESXi 5.0, a new port group, the Management Network port group, is created.
      If any of your ESX hosts require the Service Console port group to support an existing service, you can write a firstboot script to recreate the port group after the migration. See the information on the %firstboot command in Installation and Upgrade Script Commands.


      C: see answer bas or:
      120** 128 120 virtual machine + 8 Reserved

      * = System default for new virtual switches in ESX/ ESXi 3.x
      ** = System default for new virtual switches in ESX/ ESXi 4.x
      *** = Only for ESX/ESXi 4.0

  3. llhawk says:

    I got it!

    because former service console port(named by “vswif”) will be converted to managment port(named by “vmk#”),total ports are 116(vm)+2(HA)+1(vMotion)+1(vmk#)=120 (without considering uplinks)

    Besides,formal vmkel port will be remained, so total ports are 120+1=121.

    correct answer is AD!

    1. Maroun says:

      correct answer is AC.
      you don’t need a port for vMotion since HA doesn’t use vMotion and in the question there is no mention of DRS enabled.

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