what is a true statement about this environment?

Refer to the Exhibit button.

An administrator has been tasked with adding an uplink to a vSwitch. Based on the exhibit, what is a true statement about this environment?

The server does not have available uplinks to be assigned to this vSwitch

The available uplinks are not compatible with a standard vSwitch

The vSwitch is out of capacity for uplinks

The current uplinks cannot be attached because they are in use by other port groups

5 Comments on “what is a true statement about this environment?

  1. Giorgio says:

    Isn’t the answer D? The NICs are shown with Network addresses which indicates that they are being used by other port groups.

  2. Mohsin Alvi says:

    The Answer Should be A
    look at the figure It describing
    If you select an adapter that is attached to another vSphere standard switch, it will be removed from that vSphere standard switch and add to this one
    so current uplinks can be attached to another port group

  3. Hi says:

    A is correct. If the new uplink was successfully detected by the ESXi host, it would have been visible at the bottom to be assigned

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