Which two ways can storage capabilities be generated?

An administrator is working to implement Storage Profiles in their environment.
Which two ways can storage capabilities be generated? (Choose two)

Generated by a Storage Cluster while monitoring its LUNs

Storage capabilities are pre-determined by the Storage Profile on creation

Pulled from the array through the VMware APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)

Manually generated by the administrator


Page 196 from vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-storage-guide.pdf

Understanding Storage Capabilities
A storage capability outlines the quality of service that a storage system can deliver. It is a guarantee that the storage system can provide a specific set of characteristics for capacity, performance, availability, redundancy, and so on.
If a storage system uses Storage APIs – Storage Awareness, it informs vCenter Server that it can guarantee a specific set of storage features by presenting them as a storage capability. vCenter Server recognizes the capability and adds it to the list of storage capabilities in the Manage Storage Capabilities dialog box. Such storage capabilities are system-defined. vCenter Server assigns the system-defined storage capability to each datastore that you create from that storage system.
NOTE Because multiple system capabilities for a datastore are not supported, a datastore that spans several extents assumes the system capability of only one of its extents.
You can create user-defined storage capabilities and associate them with datastores. You should associate the same user-defined capability with datastores that guarantee the same level of storage capabilities. You can associate a user-defined capability with a datastore that already has a system-defined capability. A datastore can have only one system-defined and only one user-defined capability at a time.

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