what configuration step must be performed?

To uplink a Hardware FCoE Adapter, what configuration step must be performed?

Create a vSphere Distributed Switch and add the FCoE Adapter as an uplink.

Enable the FCoE service and select the newly installed adapter.

Create a vSphere Standard Switch and the FCoE Adapter as an uplink.

No configuration is required. The adapter will appear to the host as a Fibre Channel Adapter.



***Hardware FCoE Adapters***

This category includes completely offloaded specialized Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) that contain network and Fibre Channel functionalities on the same card.

When such adapter is installed, your host detects and can use both CNA components. In the vSphere Client, the networking component appears as a standard network adapter (vmnic) and the Fibre Channel component as a FCoE adapter (vmhba). You do not need to configure the hardware FCoE adapter to be able to use it.

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  1. Ed B says:

    I saw this question in many sites. I know the answer is D. But what form of english is this? “No configuration is I equaled”

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