x cluster? (Choose two

What are two requirements when configuring a Fibre Channel SAN with an ESXi 5.x cluster? (Choose two.)

RDMs must be zoned and masked to each ESXi 5 host in the cluster

A FCP HBA or hardware supporting FCoE must be installed in the hosts

Each LUN should contain only one NFS datastore.

Each LUN must present a unique LUN ID to each ESXi hosts.

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  1. gmac says:

    A and B are correct.

    A: correct because yes, you have to Zone and mask to allow only the Hosts in that you want in.

    Zoning has the following effects:
    – Reduces the number of targets and LUNs presented to a host.
    – Controls and isolates paths in a fabric.
    – Can prevent non-ESXi systems from accessing a particular storage system, and from possibly destroying
    VMFS data.
    – Can be used to separate different environments, for example, a test from a production environment.

    B: correct because yes you need HBAs to connect to the FC.

    C is obviously wrong as the FS is VMFS not NFS

    D is wrong because: Page 37 of the vSphere storage guide says.

    — For multipathing to work properly, each LUN must present the “same” LUN ID number to all ESXi hosts.


  2. angryant says:

    A is NOT correct because:
    – strictly speaking you zone/mask LUNs not RDMs. An RDM is the combination of a raw LUN and (its) the mapping file.
    – IMO ‘A’ implies zoning (and masking) should be done on each host, which is wrong – you do zoning on the FC switch/director only.

    ‘D’ is very ambiguous answer and could mean 2 things:
    a. each LUN should present a unique ID (WWN)to hosts – WWN of each LUN is unique and this condition is satisfied. D can be a correct answer.
    b. each LUN should present a unique AND different ID (WWN) to any host which is not satisfied, the same unique WWN is presented to all attached (sharing) hosts/devices.

    1. Raf says:

      I think the answers need to be corrected,
      A. You are correct, we never zone RDMs, we zone WWNs, bad terminology
      B. FCOE? I thought we were doing FC it should be FC HBA
      D is confusing, what if you present the same LUN to two different Hosts/VM, which are not sharing, the disk can only be initialized by one OS, an error occurs if another VM tries to initialize again

  3. George says:

    A-yes,RDM masked to all hosts in cluster host
    B-Yes, need Host Based adapter in each ESXi Host
    C-no, NFS not available over FC only LUN available.
    D-no, The LUN ID is same per host, WWN is unique per VM

    a,b are correct

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