Which solution can be utilized to achieve this?

While building a VMware View environment one of the design requirements is keeping vCenter and View Composer always available.

Which solution can be utilized to achieve this?

vCenter Server Heartbeat

vSphere HA

vSphere FT

Host Based Replication

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  1. Raj says:

    How Does vCenter Server
    Heartbeat Work?
    vCenter Server Heartbeat continuously replicates information from
    vCenter Server to a passive standby server for rapid recovery. Data
    locations, registry entries, license data and databases are all cloned
    automatically. vCenter Server Heartbeat uses a hidden network
    channel to maintain connectivity and replicate to a passive secondary
    server, making sure only the primary server is visible to users.
    vCenter Server Heartbeat uses predictive technology to continually
    monitor the health of vCenter Server, its database and other
    components or plug-ins, including, VMware View Composer.
    The software monitors components such as VMware License
    Server, the vpxd service, VMware vCenter Update Manager, and
    other critical parts of the management platform. Monitoring can
    also easily be extended to any plug-ins for vCenter Server.
    Automated Recovery
    When there is an availability threat, or simply a planned maintenance
    window, administrators can switchover the vCenter Server and all
    of its components from the primary server to a secondary server
    at the click of a button. The entire failover and failback process
    can also be easily automated based on pre-defined criteria.

  2. silversmith says:

    Seems like vSphere FT would be the right answer. Isn’t vCenter Server Heartbeat a part of the FT solution? It says SOLUTION, not COMPONENT.

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