which two changes can resolve the issue?

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An administrator has a DRS/HA clusters with five ESXi 5.x hosts. When the administrator tries to start a new Web server virtual machine, an administrator is displayed saying insufficient resources exist for HA.
Based on the HA configuration in the exhibit, which two changes can resolve the issue? (Choose two)

Specify one of the ESXi hosts to be a failover host

Allow virtual machines to be powered on even if they violate HA availability constraints

Modify the percentage of reserved resources to 30 percent

Add a ESXi host to the cluster

3 Comments on “which two changes can resolve the issue?

  1. kaveh says:

    Does anyone have an answer for this? What is the effect of increasing the percentage? what is the effect of reducing it? this is not a complete question because it does not state how much is the CPu / memory resource requirements. My example test questions say B & C but I cannot understand why not C?

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