Winch vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

An administrator is configuring a stretched DRS/HA clusters. The administrator wishes to restrict the failover of VMs to certain hosts within a given site.
Which vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

DRS Storage Groups

DRS Host Groups

Host Priority

Host Affinity

Reference: (REVIEWED)

Page 73 from vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-resource-management-guide.pdf

DRS Host Group is a prerequisite of VM-Host Affinity rule. In DRS group you will create a list of available hosts from specific virtual machines.

2 Comments on “Winch vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

  1. Trevor says:

    This seems rather strange as a VM-Host Affinity rule will satisfy the requirements laid out in the question. The doc does say that both groups need to be created but my logic says that it is the VM-Host Affinity that is specific to preventing a VM from being moved to a specific Host Group?

  2. Rich says:

    Another extremely poor question:

    The question states: “Which vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?”

    The correct answer is: “None of the above”

    DRS Host groups will NOT satisfy this requirement. To satisfy this requirement would be:

    1. DRS Host groups
    2. DRS VM Groups
    3. A DRS VM-Host Affinity Rule

    Without 2 & 3, DRS Host groups would not satisfy the requirement.

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