What is the setting?

A user wants to configure a DRS migration threshold that allow automated applied of all priority one & two remediation only. What is the setting?

Priority 2

Priority 1

The moderately conservative setting

Defualt setting

"You can move the threshold slider to use one of five settings, ranging from Conservative to Aggressive. The five migration settings generate recommendations based on their assigned priority level. Each setting you move the slider to the right allows the inclusion of one more lower level of priority. The Conservative setting generates only priority-one recommendations (mandatory recommendations), the next level to the right generates priority-two recommendations and higher, and so on, down to the Aggressive level which generates priority-five recommendations and higher (that is, all recommendations.)"

2 Comments on “What is the setting?

  1. delesc says:

    There are 5 levels, only 2 are named
    (Conservative on the left and Aggressive on the right)
    Implying the names of the other three:
    Moderate Conservative
    Moderate Aggressive

    Shouldn’t this mean that the answer is C, a setting of “Moderate Conservative”?

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