What are the two requirements for HA to work?

What are the two requirements for HA to work? (Select Two)

Hosts need to have compatible CPU.

Hosts need to have shared storage.

Hosts should have a static IP address.

You need 2 VMkernel Ports

I answered B & C, as A is only for a vMotion & D no point.
As far as I remember, this one seems to be close to a VCP 4 question.
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* All hosts need to be configured with static IP addresses. If you are using DHCP, you must ensure that the address for each host persists across reboots.
* There should be at least one management network in common among all hosts and best practice is to have at least two. Management networks differ depending on the version of host you are using.
* To ensure that any virtual machine can run on any host in the cluster, all hosts should have access to the same virtual machine networks and datastores. Similarly, virtual machines must be located on shared, not local, storage otherwise they cannot be failed over in the case of a host failure.

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