What is the quickest solutions to correct this?

A Virtual machines appear in the vSphere Client inventory list with (orphaned) appended to their name. What is the quickest solutions to correct this?

Reboot the Host that VM is hosted on

Reboot the VM

Remove the VM from Inventory, Browse to the VM .vmx file on the Datastore and add the VM to Inventory

Right click the VM, select Relocate and select a different host with the cluster

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  1. Gregg says:


    Virtual machines can become orphaned if a host failover is unsuccessful, or when the virtual machine is
    unregistered directly on the host. If this situation occurs, move the orphaned virtual machine to another host
    in the datacenter that has access to the datastore on which the virtual machine files are stored.
    1 In the vSphere Client inventory list, right-click the virtual machine and select Relocate.
    A list of available hosts appears.

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