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Which of the following is a wireless encryption solutio…

Due to hardware limitation, a technician must implement a wireless encryption algorithm that uses the RC4
protocol. Which of the following is a wireless encryption solution that the technician should implement while
ensuring the STRONGEST level of security?

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WPA-TKIP uses the RC4 cipher.
TKIP and the related WPA standard implement three new security features to address security problems
encountered in WEP protected networks. First, TKIP implements a key mixing function that combines thesecret root key with the initialization vector before passing it to the RC4 initialization. WEP, in comparison,
merely concatenated the initialization vector to the root key, and passed this value to the RC4 routine. This
permitted the vast majority of the RC4 based WEP related key attacks. Second, WPA implements a sequence
counter to protect against replay attacks. Packets received out of order will be rejected by the access point.
Finally, TKIP implements a 64-bit Message Integrity Check (MIC)
To be able to run on legacy WEP hardware with minor upgrades, TKIP uses RC4 as its cipher. TKIP also
provides a rekeying mechanism. TKIP ensures that every data packet is sent with a unique encryption key.

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