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Which of the following BEST meets this need?

Jane, an IT security technician, needs to create a way to secure company mobile devices. Which of the
following BEST meets this need?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

Implement voice encryption, pop-up blockers, and host-based firewalls.

Implement firewalls, network access control, and strong passwords.

Implement screen locks, device encryption, and remote wipe capabilities.

Implement application patch management, antivirus, and locking cabinets.

Screen-lock is a security feature that requires the user to enter a password after a short period of inactivity
before they can access the system again. This feature ensures that if your device is left unattended or is lost or
stolen, it will be difficult for anyone else to access your data or applications.
Device encryption encrypts the data on the device. This feature ensures that the data on the device cannot be
accessed in a useable form should the device be stolen.
Remote wipe is the process of deleting data on a device in the event that the device is stolen. This is performed
over remote connections such as the mobile phone service or the internet connection and helps ensure that
sensitive data is not accessed by unauthorized people.

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