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which of the following could be implemented without inc…

A security administrator is tackling issues related to authenticating users at a remote site. There have been a
large number of security incidents that resulted from either tailgating or impersonation of authorized users with
valid credentials. The security administrator has been told to implement multifactor authentication in order to
control facility access. To secure access to the remote facility, which of the following could be implemented
without increasing the amount of space required at the entrance?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

MOTD challenge and PIN pad

Retina scanner and fingerprint reader

Voice recognition and one-time PIN token

One-time PIN token and proximity reader

Authentication systems or methods are based on one or more of these five factors:
Something you know, such as a password or PIN
Something you have, such as a smart card, token, or identification device
Something you are, such as your fingerprints or retinal pattern (often called biometrics)
Something you do, such as an action you must take to complete authentication
Somewhere you are (this is based on geolocation)
Multifactor authentication is authentication that uses two of more of the authentication factors listed above.In this question, we can use voice recognition (something you are) and a one-time PIN token (something you
have) to provide two factors of authentication. The one-time PIN token is a small device that generates a onetime PIN to enable access.

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