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Which of the following attacks MOST likely occurred?

A victim is logged onto a popular home router forum site in order to troubleshoot some router configuration
issues. The router is a fairly standard configuration and has an IP address of The victim is logged into their router administrative interface in one tab and clicks a forum link in
another tab. Due to clicking the forum link, the home router reboots. Which of the following attacks MOST likely

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

Brute force password attack

Cross-site request forgery

Cross-site scripting


Cross-Site Request Forgery—also known as XSRF, session riding, and one-click attack—involves
unauthorized commands coming from a trusted user to the website. This is often done without the user’s
knowledge, and it employs some type of social networking to pull it off. For example, assume that Evan and
Spencer are chatting through Facebook. Spencer sends Evan a link to what he purports is a funny video that
will crack him up. Evan clicks the link, but it actually brings up Evan’s bank account information in another
browser tab, takes a screenshot of it, closes the tab, and sends the information to Spencer. The reason the
attack is possible is because Evan is a trusted user with his own bank. In order for it to work, Evan would need
to have recently accessed that bank’s website and have a cookie that had yet to expire. The best protection
against cross-site scripting is to disable the running of scripts (and browser profiles).

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