Which action can resolve the issue?

Refer to the Exhibit.

Users are having difficulty accessing a web server since a new web application was configured in a virtual machine running on sc-titanrum03.vmeduw.com.
The vSphere Client reports the error shown in the Exhibit. DRS is set to fully automated mode, but the problem has not resolved.

Which action can resolve the issue?

Hot-add a CPU to the the web server virtual machine.

Add an ESXi host to the cluster

vMotion one or more running virtual machines on the ESXi host running the web server virtual machine to the other ESxi host in the cluster.

Power off one or more virtual machine on the ESXi host running on the Web server virtual machine and migrate them to the other ESXi host in the cluster.

This one was changed to B by dumpchopper
A. Hot-add does nothing, it is the HOST CPU usage
D – why power off if DRS can VMotion?

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