What happens if a host profile is not attached to the cluster?

An administrator selects the profile compliance tab of an HA/DRS cluster, than selects Check Compliance Now?
What happens if a host profile is not attached to the cluster?

The compliance check generates an error

The compliance check prompts for a valid host profile

The compliance check uses the default data center host profile

The cluster is checked for specific HA, DRS, and VMware DPM cluster requirements.

Challenged by Sim0ne 11-9-2011 (B)
Why the Answer is D and not B.
This question has been debated endlessly because of the sly wording of the question, in my opinion the following needs to be observed:
1. The question is asking in a specific way the process of checking the compliance
2. The excerpt below from documentation states a seperate way of checking compliance which doesn’t mean it is the “Correct” answer Question
3. I tested this in my lab and the following occured: Showed all host non-compliant. No Prompt. No Error in Check Compliance task in vCenter (bar on bottom)

Answer will stay D because it checked Basic HA, DRS settings regardless of a profile being selected or attached…

This concludes why the following is misleading and the way it describes in managing profiles vs checking compliance.
Evidence (Screenshot shows that it is checked for HA/DRS, and VMware DPM)
pg. 13 – 15
*** This is not correct context with the question – Question reads in going to the profile compliance tab – Not right clicking Clusters or going to host profiles ***


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