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which zones?

In transparent mode, you can create policies between which zones?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

V1-Trust andUntrust

Private and L2-Public

V1-Global and V1-Global

V1-Trust and Private (L2)

V1=Untrustand L2-Private


With transparent mode, theNetScreenfirewall is converted from a layer 3deviceto one that operates at layer 2, essentially becoming a layer 2 bridge. By doing so, the device can be deployed into existing infrastructures without requiring the readdressing that would be required for a routedsolution.TheIP addresses of the
physicalinterfaces are set to and truly make the deployment invisible to the user. By default,ScreenOScreates one function zone, the VLAN zone, and three L2 security zones:
V1-Trust, V1-Untrust, and V1-DMZ. ANetScreendevice operating at Layer 2 (L2) does not permit any inter-zone or intra-zone traffic unless there is a policy configured on the device. Please note that a custom zone must start with a L2- prefix.

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