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which two (2) host addresses?

An Address Book entry of with a mask of includes which two (2) host addresses?

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This question requires a bit ofsubnetting. An excellent resource to learn this is
Now the part we have to look into is thesubnetmask255.255.255.224. Thesubnetmaskdefines which hosts are in the same subnet or not. In this case we look at 224. First we must convert this decimal number do the binary format. 224 decimalis :11100000 in binary. As you can see the first 3 bits are1’s ,so we have 5 bits left for our hosts. So we can 00000 till 11111 for our hosts. Letsconvert that back to decimal 00000 = 0 and 11111 = 31 in decimal format. In this scenario and would be in the same subnet.

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