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What could be causing the problem?

You want to configure theNetScreenRemote client to use apresharedkey. You select the “My Identity” configuration screen but you cannot find the option. What could be causing the problem?(Exhibit)

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

You have to set the “Select Certificate” option to none

You have to set the “ID type” option to Pre-Shared key

NetScreenRemote does not support the use of Pre-Shared key

“My identity” is not the right tab. It needs to be configured under the Security Proposal Section


The correct procedure to create a pre-shared key is the following:
1.Double-click theNetScreen-Remoteicon, located on the Windows taskbar, to open the Security Policy Editor. (My Identity and Security Policy icons appear in the Network Security Policy list.)
*ClickMy Identity. (The My Identity and Internet Interface areas appear to the right of the Network
Security Policy list, as shown below.)

*In the My Identity area, selectNonefrom the Select Certificate drop-down list. *ClickPre-Shared Key. (The Pre-Shared Key dialog box appears, as shown below.)

*ClickEnter Keyto make the Pre-Shared Key field available. *Type a key with a length between 8 and 58 characters. A longer key length results in stronger encryption.
1.ClickOKto save the entry.

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