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Which command generated the output shown?

Review the exhibit. Which command generated the output shown?

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get route


get route ip

get interface


Use thepingcommand to check the network connection to another system.
Get Route
Theget routecommand displays:
The IP address,netmask, interface, gateway, protocol, preference, metric, and ownervsys Theprotocolvalue can be any of the following:
-A(Auto Exported)
-I(Imported; that is, route imported from another virtual router) -iB(internal BGP)
-eB(external BGP)
-E1(OSPF external type 1)
-E2(OSPF external type 2)
Use theget routecommand to see if theNetScreendevice has a route to the IP address on the correct interface.
Use thetrace-routecommand to display the route to a host.In this scenario ip
Get Route IP
Displays a specific route for the target IP address (ip_addr).
Get Interface
Use theinterfacecommands to define or display interface settings for aNetScreendevice.
Name:This field identifies the name of the interface.
IP/Netmask:This field identifies the IP address andnetmaskaddress of the interface. Zone:This field identifies the zone to which the interface is bound. Type:This field indicates if the interface type: Layer 2, Layer 3, tunnel, redundant, aggregate, VSI.
Link:This field identifies whether the interface is active (Up) or inactive (Down). Configure:This field allows you modify or remove interfaces.

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