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What would cause this problem?

You are trying to remove an address book entry by going to the Address Book -> List display of the Web UI, but you cannot find the remove option. What would cause this problem?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

An address book entry can only be deleted from the command line interface. You will need to use the CLI to delete it.

The address book entry ismisconfigured. You need to correct the address book entry before it will allow you to delete

You cannot remove an address book entry from this screen. You need to use the delete option found under the management options screen.

The address book entry is being used by a policy. You must delete the policy or remove the address book entry from the policy before it ban be deleted.

Explanation :
Before you can set up many of theNetScreenfirewall, VPN, and traffic shaping features, you need to define
addressesin one or more address lists. The address list for a security zone contains the IP addresses or domain
namesof hosts or subnets whose traffic is either allowed, blocked, encrypted, or user-authenticated.
After you define anaddress.oran address group and associate it with a policy, you cannot change the address location to another zone (such as from Trust toUntrust). To change its location, you must first disassociate it from the underlying policy. Also keep the following in mind regarding to addresslists :
1.When using the CLI, you must create all of your address book entries before you make your policies.
2.You can modify everything about an address book entry except its zone. 3.You can not modify an address object from the CLI, you must first delete it and the recreate it.

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