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which three (3) items?

Ac Access Policy must contain which three (3) items?

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Source address

Firewall settings

Action (permit, deny, tunnel)


A policy permits, denies, or tunnels specified types of trafficunidirectionallybetween two points. The type of traffic (or "service"), the location of the two endpoints, and the invoked action compose the basic elements of a policy. Although there can be other components, the required elements, which together constitute the core section of a policy, are as follows:
Direction – The direction of traffic between two security zones (from a source zone to a destination zone)
Source address – The address from which traffic initiates Destination address – The address to which traffic is sent Service – The type of traffic transmitted
Action – The action that theNetScreendevice performs when it receives traffic meeting the first four criteria: deny, permit, reject, or tunnel
For example, the policy stated in the following CLI command permits FTP traffic from any address in the Trust zone to an FTP server named "server1" in the DMZ zone:
setpolicy from trust tountrustany server1 ftp permit
Direction:from trust tountrust(that is, from the Trust zone to theUntrustzone) Source Address:any(that is, any address in the Trust zone. The term "any" stands for a predefined
addressthat applies to any address in a zone)
Destination Address:server1(a user-defined address in theUntrustzone address book) Service:ftp(File Transfer Protocol)
Action:permit(thatNetScreendevice permits this traffic to traverse its firewall)

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