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how many static routes need to be added?

IN order for the 208 to have fullreachabilityto all hosts in the network, how many static routes need to be added?

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To configure a static route, you need to define the following:
The virtual router in which you are adding the route.
The IP address andnetmaskof the destination network.
The next hop for the route, which can be either another virtual router on theNetScreendevice or a gateway
(router)IP address.If you specify another virtual router, make sure that an entry for the destination network
existsin the routing table of that virtual router.
The interface through which the routed traffic is forwarded. The interface can be anyScreenOS -supported
interface, such a physical interface (for example, ethernet1/2), or a tunnel interface. You can also specify
theNull interface for certain applications.
(Optional)Aroute metric is used to select the active route when there are multiple routes to the same
destinationnetwork, all with the same preference value. The default metric for static routes is 1. (Optional)Aroute tag is a value that can be used as a filter when redistributing routes. For example, you can
chooseto import only those routes that contain specified tag values into a virtual router. (Optional)Apreference value for the route. By default, all static routes have the same preference value that
isset in the virtual router.
(Optional) Whether the route is to be kept active even if the forwarding interface is down or the IP address is removed from the interface.
In this scenario we must create four static routes to reach each network. The correct config wouldbe :
Set route interface e2 gateway Set route interface e1 gateway Set route interface e7 gateway Set route interface e8 gateway

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