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Which of the following should be done to prevent this i…

A company utilizes a patching server to regularly update their PC’s. After the latest round of patching all of the older PCs with non-gigabit Ethernet cards become
disconnected from the network and now require a technician to fix the issue locally at each PC. Which of the following should be done to prevent this issue in the

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

Enable automatic rebooting of the pCs after patching is completed

Require the patching server to update the oldest PCs off hours

Disable automatic driver updates to PCs on the patching server

Throttle the connection speed of the patching server to match older PCs

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

4 Comments on “Which of the following should be done to prevent this i…

    1. Huntsman says:

      What this is talking about is that then the patch happened the older PC’s lost connection because the connection speeds did not match. So the Tech will then need to go to the switch to lower the connection speed to the PC’s. This question reflects auto negotiation. A lot of the times older PC’s don’t have the capability to auto negotiate, hence why they could not connect.

      So to prevent this from happening the Server/Router will need to be set to the lower speed (throttled).


  1. Chris says:

    This is a poor question or this website has the answer wrong. What is the technician going to do on the local machine to fix the miss matched speed? The duplex and speed setting would be done on the switch. Also the server is going to slow down the data at the request of the switch on a modern network. Last why wouldn’t I assume the patching server was sending out bad drivers. How are these computers able to communicate at all other times with speed mismatches but when it comes from the patching server it breaks?


  2. klt316 says:

    This answer is wrong, many As are wrong on dumps like this, and it is copied wrong over and over on subsequent dumps… connection speeds are between PC and switch… and likewise between Server and switch… it’s not between Server and PC. So if a patch changed the physical speeds on the PCs, that has nothing to do with physical speed on the Server. So if something was pushed out to the PCs changing speeds of the NIC, or setting auto negotiate, that’s only between PC and Switch. “Throttling” the Server connection is not end-to-end and does nothing to fix that.

    There is another Q on these dumps that is similar, and the correct answer is “C-Disable automatic driver updates”. Here is the explanation from that Q:

    Explanation The most likely cause of this issue was a forced driver update being pushed from the update server to the older PCs, breaking their ability to use their network cards. It is best to disable automatic driver updates for PCs and have them tested first.

    Now THAT makes sense. Don’t memorize dumps. KNOW THE WHYS and you’ll do great on the exam.



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