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  1. klt316 says:

    CRC is not “secure”. “Integrity security mechanisms” implies a level of security which CRC is just not associated with. DES is a cipher that encrypts and decrypts data in batches, or blocks, and can be said to provide a level of integrity check but typically security is handled by other means such as SSL or TLS. SHA is a hashing algorithm that creates a short, fixed-length message digest from a file or block of data. Hashing is often used to verify the integrity and/or originator of a file. However… IPsec is a suite of protocols that provides security and Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authentication of data. If one thinks of CRC, DES, and SHA providing a level of integrity check, they can be grouped together similarly. But I think the word “SECURITY” implies more than any one of those 3… and IPsec includes the integrity function, but ALSO security. So A:IPsec is probably correct.



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