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17 Comments on “what is the shortest path from R6 to R5?

  1. ciscosux says:

    I believe D is correct if R5 interface is in same area (Area 2 in this case) as R6 which makes all the other routes advertised as inter area. OSPF will chose intra area over inter area. Not clear from the question but R6-R5 will be chosen in that scenario.


  2. Jun says:

    questions is ambiguous. it depends. if the source is R6, then D is correct. its directly connected regardless of cost. AD for directly connected routes is 0 and therefore preferred. If behind R6 it should be C – intra-area because its intra-area


  3. webnetwiz says:

    I agree with Jun. Nothing in the question says OSPF, so any route in R6 towards R5 is considered, which would include directly-connected route. That route would be preferred over any OSPF route.


  4. Morne Hugo says:

    ATTENTION PLEASE!!! The JNCIP-ENT JN0-643 exam has retired, and the new exam is JNCIP-ENT JN0-647 test now!!!

    New JNCIP-ENT JN0-647 Exam Questions and Answers Updated Recently (15/Nov/2017):

    You created a firewall rule to protect the Routing Engine. After applying the rule, your OSPF adjacencies dropped. How would you solve this problem?

    A. Create a firewall term that allows IP protocol 89.
    B. Define a router ID under the [edit routing-options] hierarchy.
    C. Configure the loopback interface under the [edit protocols ospf] hierarchy.
    D. Apply the firewall filter to the physical ports.

    Answer: A

    What are two OSPF LSA types? (Choose two.)

    A. Stub
    B. Router
    C. Transit
    D. Network

    Answer: BD

    You are asked to merge a RIP network with your OSPF network. As a first step, you establish connectivity between the RIP network and the OSPF network. The RIP network connects to an NSSA area. Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

    A. To share RIP routes with the OSPF network, an export policy will be required on the ABR.
    B. To share RIP routes with the OSPF network, an export policy will be required on the ASBR.
    C. By default, external OSPF routes have a higher route preference than RIP routes.
    D. Be default, RIP routes have a higher route preference than external OSPF routes.

    Answer: BD

    Your campus EX9200 core devices are highly oversubscribed on bandwidth and reporting massive dropped packets. To immediately address the issue, you decide to implement shaping on all interfaces. Which action will accomplish?

    A. Apply the input-shape-rate 5G parameter to all interfaces under the [edit class-of service] hierarchy.
    B. Define a CoS input traffic control profile with the shape-rate 5G parameter and apply it to all interfaces.
    C. Define a CoS output traffic control profile with the shape-rate 5G parameter and apply it to all interfaces.
    D. Apply the shape-rate 5G parameter to all interfaces under the [edit class-of service] hierarchy.

    Answer: C

    What allows non-Web enabled devices to access the network on a port configured for captive portal?

    A. A MAC address white list can be configured on the switch to allow specific MAC addresses to bypass the captive portal process.
    B. LLDP can be used to query the type of device that is attempting to access the network, and predefined device types can be allowed to bypass the captive portal process.
    C. Captive portal can be configured to only prompt for credentials when HTTP or HTTPS traffic is requested on a port to allow on-HTTP enabled devices access to the network.
    D. Authentication credentials for specific devices can be preconfigured on the switch for automatic authentication.

    Answer: A

    Which two statements are true about PIM source-specific multicast (SSM)? (Choose two.)

    A. The receiver DR builds a source-base tree to the RP.
    B. S,G is always used.
    C. A Different group address must be used by each source.
    D. IGMPv3 is required.

    Answer: BD

    Which two statements about MVRP are correct? (Choose two.)

    A. MVRP monitors interfaces using VSTP and dynamically creates VLANs as necessary.
    B. MVRP PDUs are sent to other switches as periodic intervals.
    C. MVRP can propagate dynamic VLANs created on one switch to another switch.
    D. MVRP is enabled by adding trunk ports under the [edit protocols mvrp] hierarchy.

    Answer: BD

    Which three databases are used by the Dijkstra algorithm? (Choose three.)

    A. Tree database
    B. Link State database
    C. Candidate database
    D. MAC database
    E. Configuration database

    Answer: ABC

    A customer needs to pass Layer 2 protocols between sites. Which protocol or standard would be required to implement connectivity on EX4300, EX3400, and EX2300 devices?

    A. Q-in-Q
    B. IGMP
    C. VPLS
    D. OSPF

    Answer: A

    Which statement is correct about MSTP?

    A. MSTP enables mapping multiple independent spanning-tree instances onto one physical topology.
    B. MSTP enables dynamic discovery of Layer 2 neighbors.
    C. MSTP dynamically manages VLAN registration in a LAN.
    D. MSTP uses stacked VLAN tags to extend a Layer 2 Ethernet connection between multiple sites.

    Answer: A

    You configured static mode power management on an EX4300 to provide PoE power to telephone and access point equipment. Which statement is correct regarding the PoE power budget?

    A. Power is budgeted to devices on a first come, first served basis as devices are connected.
    B. The power budgeted will be based on the device class connected to each port.
    C. Power is budgeted to a port even if no device is connected to the port.
    D. The power budgeted to ports will adjust to how much power a device actually uses.

    Answer: C

    What information must you gather from the satellite device to provision a Junos Fusion Enterprise deployment on the aggregation device? (Choose two.)

    A. MAS address
    B. Serial number
    C. Software version
    D. Model number

    Answer: AB



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