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Which step meets the requirement?

A café offers free Wi-Fi. Customers’ portable electronic devices often do not have antivirus software
installed and may be hosting worms without their knowledge. You must protect all customers from any other
customers’ infected devices that join the same SSID.
Which step meets the requirement?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

Enable deep SSH inspection with antivirus and IPS.

Use a captive portal to redirect unsecured connections such as HTTP and SMTP to their secured
equivalents, preventing worms on infected clients from tampering with other customer traffic.

Use WPA2 encryption and configure a policy on FortiGate to block all traffic between clients.

Use WPA2 encryption, and enable “Block Intra-SSID Traffic”.

2 Comments on “Which step meets the requirement?

  1. Whatever says:

    I think that answer B is wrong. Captive portal is great for guest networks but… it won’t stop clients from talking to each other. The only way to do that is stop intra-SSID traffic. Answer D is much better.

    Answer C is wrong – intra-SSID is not configured in FW policy. Answer A is wrong because not only would that wreak havoc on a guest network, it would not solve the issue of client to client communication.



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