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Which options are given on features, when editing a Rol…

Which options are given on features, when editing a Role on Gaia Platform?

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Read/Write, Read Only

Read/Write, Read only, None

Read/Write, None

Read Only, None

Role-based administration (RBA) lets you create administrative roles for users. With RBA, an administrator can
allow Gaia users to access specified features by including those features in a role and assigning that role to
users. Each role can include a combination of administrative (read/write) access to some features, monitoring
(read-only) access to other features, and no access to other features.
You can also specify which access mechanisms (WebUI or the CLI) are available to the user.

Note – When users log in to the WebUI, they see only those features that they have read-only or read/write
access to. If they have read-only access to a feature, they can see the settings pages, but cannot change the
Gaia includes these predefined roles:
adminRole – Gives the user read/write access to all features.
monitorRole- Gives the user read-only access to all features.
You cannot delete or change the predefined roles.

Note – Do not define a new user for external users. An external user is one that is defined on an authentication
server (such as RADIUS or TACACS) and not on the local Gaia system.

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