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What is causing this behavior?

Refer to the Exhibit.
— Exhibit –

— Exhibit —
Referring to the exhibit, AppTrack is only logging the session closure messages for sessions that
last 1 to 3 minutes.
What is causing this behavior?

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AppTrack is not properly configured under the [edit security application-tracking] hierarchy.

AppTrack only generates session update messages.

AppTrack only generates session closure messages.

AppTrack generates other messages only when the update interval is surpassed.


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3 Comments on “What is causing this behavior?

  1. wissam says:

    D is correct based on :

    AppTrack checks whether the time since the start of the session or since the last update is greater than the update interval. If so, AppTrack updates the counts and sends an update message to the host. If a short-lived session starts and ends within the update interval, AppTrack generates a message only at session close.

    That means App track sends not only session closure messages but at condition that the update interval is surpassed



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