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Which statement is correct?

Refer to the exhibit.

Multicast traffic from to is entering the router on xe-3ft)/0. Which
statement is correct?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

The reverse-path forwarding lookup will succeed without these policies because of a default

The traffic to will be rejected.

The traffic from will be rejected.

The reverse-path forwarding lookup will fail without these policies.


39 Comments on “Which statement is correct?

  1. testokhan says:

    Answer is “A”

    An RPF policy behaves like an import policy. If no policy term matches the input packet, the default action is to accept (that is, to perform the RPF check).


    1. rob says:

      But because the inbound interface is different than the outgoing interface the rpf check would fail since the router does not have an exact route back to the source.
      so it should be D

      You want to use the policies to tell the router to NOT perform an RPF check on the incoming packets destined to/from that source/group.


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