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Your system is based on domain.

Install the Redhat Linux RHEL 4 through NFS. Where your Server is having
IP and shared /var/ftp/pub. The size of the partitions are listed below:
/ à 1048
/home à 1028
/boot à 512
/var à 1028
/usr à 2048
Swap -> 1.5 of RAM Size
/archive à configure the RAID Level 0 of remaining all free space.
After completing the installation through NFS solve the following questions. There are two
networks and As well as there are two domains on network and on network. Your system is based on domain.

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers


1. Insert the CD on CD-ROM and start the system.
2. In Boot: Prompt type linux askmethod
3. It will display the language, keyboard selection.
4. It will ask you for the installation method.
5. Select the NFS Image from the list
6. It will ask the IP Address, Net mask, Gateway and Name Server. Select Use
Dynamic IP Configuration: because DHCP Server will be configured in your exam lab.
7. It will ask for the NFS Server Name and Redhat Enterprise Linux Directory.
Specify the NFS Server:
Directory: /var/ftp/pub
8. After Connecting to the NFS Server Installation start in GUI. Go up to the partition screen by
selecting the different Options.
9. Create the partition According to the Question because Size and what-what partition should you
create at installation time is specified in your question
10. Create the two RAID partitions having equal size of remaining all free space.

11. Click on RAID button
12. Type mount point /archive
13. Select RAID Level 0
14. Click on ok
15. Then select the MBR Options, time zone and go upto package selections.
It is another Most Important Time of installation. Due to the time limit, you should care about the
installation packages. At Exam time you these packages are enough.
X-Window System
GNOME Desktop
(these two packages are generally not required)
Administration Tools.
System Tools
Windows File Server
FTP Servers
Mail Servers
Web Servers
Network Servers
Text Based Internet
Server Configuration Tools
Printing Supports
When installation will complete, your system will reboot. Jump for another Question.

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