You need to change the IPAM provisioning method on Server1

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named
The domain contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012.
Server1 has the IP Address Management (IPAM) Serverfeature installed.
IPAM is configured currently for Group Policy-basedprovisioning.
You need to change the IPAM provisioning method on Server1. What should you do?

Run the ipamgc.exe command.

Run the Set-IPAMConfiguration cmdlet.

Reinstall the IP Address Management (IPAM) Serverfeature.

Delete IPAM Group Policy objects (GPOs) from the domain.

You cannot change the provisioning method after completing the initial setup.
When you install IPAM and configure either manual OR GPO, you receive the same message about not being
able to change the provisioning method.
As a matter of fact, I set it up in my lab and configured it as GPO. Here is a copy/paste of the message that is
presently on the IPAM home page in server manager:
“The access configuration mode cannot be modified after completing the IPAM provisioning wizard”
Also, the help console in IPAM displays this when searching about provisioning methods:
“The managed server provisioning method cannot be changed after you complete the IPAM
provisioning wizard.”
I think those two items make it perfectly clear.

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    1. c says:

      Answer C
      Windows Server 2012 R2 allows you to change from Manual to GPO provisioning using Set-IPAMConfiguration cmdlet. But to go from GPO to Manual still requires an uninstall of IPAM.

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