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What is the problem?

A customer has an 8 TB database. Half of the data is hot with very frequent access. The other half of the data
is older, infrequently used cold data. The customer buys (12) 800 GB SLC Solid State Drives, and puts them in
a new disk folder called “Database”. The customer then creates volumes for this database in the Database disk
folder using the recommended storage profile.
After this database has been running for 1 month, the Statistics tab for the database volumes shows 100% of
the space is on Tier 1. The customer expected that half of the data would be on Tier 1 and the rest moved to
lower tiers.
What is the problem?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

The volumes were created in the Database disk folder, so Data Progression can NOT move the cold data to
lower tier disks.

Data Progression does NOT run on database volumes because database vendors have specific best
practices for laying out their data across tiers.

The Recommended storage profile will only use SSD tier(s) if any are available, so the cold data can NOT
move down.

There is enough space on Tier 1 to hold the entire STB database, so even the cold data will stay on Tier 1
until it gets full.

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

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