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What deployment options are available and recommended f…

At a university, the WLAN has been successfully deployed for ubiquitous access for faculty, students, and
guests. Many student computer labs are available throughout the campus with wired network connectivity,
but there are also a few smaller lab areas and workstations where Ethernet cabling is not available. For
student wireless use, the students must authenticate against RADIUS/Active Directory using PEAP. Also,
the network administrators at this university would like administrative access to these workstations when
they are not in use by students so that the administrators can manage group policies, update OS patches,
and perform other routine software maintenance.
What deployment options are available and recommended for both student use and remote

administration of these workstations? (Choose 2)

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

Due to the architecture of 802.1X port-based access control, it is not possible for a wireless- only
computer to access network services required by network administrators in this scenario.

Machine authentication accounts should be enabled to provide persistent machine network connectivity
when student users are not associated.

The WLAN infrastructure vendor is responsible for providing proprietary client connectivity options to
facilitate device connectivity without user interaction.

These workstations should be Ethernet-connected to a wireless client bridge, which will maintain
network connectivity independent of student connectivity status.

These stations should be deployed with dual WLAN adapters. One adapter would be used for
consistent network connectivity for administrative purposes and the second adapter should be used for
student access.

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