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Which three of the following are true regarding the phy…

An administrator has implemented VMware NSX on a leaf-spine underlay. They have deployed the following in
the data center:
* Two racks for a management cluster that is not prepared for VMware NSX
* Six racks for compute clusters
* Two racks for an Edge cluster which holds a DLR control VM for bridging, and North/South Edge Service
Which three of the following are true regarding the physical and logical networking of the environment?
(Choose three )

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

At least one VXLAN segment spans across all the racks

VXLAN segments span the compute and Edge racks

At least one VLAN spans the compute racks

At least one VLAN spans across the two management racks

At least 2 VLANs span across the two Edge racks.

4 Comments on “Which three of the following are true regarding the phy…

  1. angel says:

    Why not E?

    In the Edge cluster at least 2 vlans are required: one for VTEP + one for North/South Traffic.

    In my opinion is more correct E than C (C is correct only considering management vlan).

    Any comment?


    1. Sergio says:

      in my opinion this question is very tricky.
      In the cluster edge there is the Bridge Instance and the NSX edges for North south traffic, at least 2 VLAN should span the Edge Cluster.
      So the E answer should be right. Answer B is also right. But then which is the third right answer ? Should the management VLAN and VXLAN VLAN be considered in this question ?


  2. D! says:

    This is what I think

    B+D+E is the correct answer.

    Compute cluster does not required any VLAN at all. You are using NSX for this (So C is wrong).

    Management cluster is not NSX prepared, so no VXLAN (So a is wrong)

    If no NSX, you should be using VLAN to reduce your broadcast domain (not mandatory but best practice), so at least 1 vlan should be in the management cluster (so D is an option)

    NSX = VXLAN, so prepared cluster are compute and edge (so B is correct)

    If you have L2 bridging you need VLAN on the physical side, (so E is correct)



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