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how do you enable ping for interface eth2?

— Exhibit –ns5gt-> get int eth2
Interface ethernet2:
description ethernet2
number 8, if_info 704, if_index 0, mode route
link up, phy-link up/full-duplex
status change:7, last change:09/26/2012 23:08:22
vsys Root, zone Untrust, vr trust-vr
dhcp client disabled
PPPoE disabled
admin mtu 0, operating mtu 1500, default mtu 1500
*ip mac 0014.f693.edc8
*manage ip, mac 0014.f693.edc8
route-deny disable
pmtu-v4 disabled
ping disabled, telnet enabled, SSH disabled, SNMP disabled
web enabled, ident-reset disabled, SSL disabled
DNS Proxy disabled, webauth disabled, g-arp enabled, webauth-ip

OSPF disabled BGP disabled RIP disabled RIPng disabled mtrace disabled
PIM: not configured IGMP not configured
MLD not configured
NHRP disabled
bandwidth: physical 100000kbps, configured egress [gbw 0kbps mbw 0kbps]
configured ingress mbw 0kbps, current bw 0kbps
total allocated gbw 0kbps
DHCP-Relay disabled at interface level
DHCP-server disabled
— Exhibit –You are the administrator of a NetScreen 5GT. For troubleshooting purposes, you must be able to
ping untrusted interfaces.
Referring to the exhibit, how do you enable ping for interface eth2?

PrepAway - Latest Free Exam Questions & Answers

ns5gt-> unset int eth2 manage-ip ping

ns5gt-> set int eth2 manage ping

ns5gt-> enable int eth2 manage ping

ns5gt-> set int eth2 manage-ip ping

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