[Solved] OG0-093 TOGAF PART 2  


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 Hello Admin, 

TOGAF Part 2, can i have please the best answer for this scenario?

You have been appointed as a consultant to the chief Enterprise Architect of a multinational corporation. The Corporation has over 2000000 employees and is organized into 20 divisions with operations in over 60 countries and product sold in over 125 countries. Is has major research sites at 8 locations worldwide.

The operations of the corporation are subject to legal and regulatory requirements for each country where they operate. The productions of its products have governmental controls that are strictly enforced and compliance is critical. Recently a competitor was heavily fined for violating the regulations in a country where it was conducting a trial for a new product.

The Enterprise Architecture group is a mature organization. They use the TOGAF 9 ADM with
extensions required to support current good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices in their target markets. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the information that is managed, special care was taken to ensure that each architecture domain included an examination of the security, regulatory and privacy issues that are relevant.

The Executive Vice President for Clinical Research is the sponsor of the Enterprise Architecture activity. She has stated that the changes to the enterprise architecture for the new system will need to be rolled out on a geographic basis that will minimize disruptions to ongoing clinical trials. The work will need to be done in stages and rolled out in geographical regions.

Refer to the Scenario You have been asked to recommend the approach to identify the work packages that will be included in the Transition Architecture(s). Based on TOGAF 9, which of the following is the best answer?

  1. You would determine the set of Solution Building Blocks required by identifying which need to be developed and which need to be procured. You would eliminate any duplicate building 
    blocks, and then group the remaining Solution Building Blocks together to create the work packages using a CRUD matrix. You would then rank the work packages in terms of cost and select the most cost-effective options for inclusion in a series of Transition Architectures. Finally you would schedule a sequential roll out of the work packages across the geographic regions.
  2. You would document the factors impacting the Implementation and migration plan and group the gaps identified in the domain architecture gap analysis results. For each gap, you would identify a proposed solution, or based on an existing product. You would group similar solutions together to form work packages and Identify dependencies between work packages factoring in the clinical trial schedules. Finally , you would regroup the packages into a set of Capability Increments scheduled into a series of Transition Architectures.
  3. You would group the Solution Building Blocks from a Consolidated Gaps, Solutions and Dependencies Matrix into a set of work packages. Using the matrix as a planning tool, regroup the work packages to account for dependencies. You would sequence the work packages into the Capability Increments needed to achieve the Target Architecture. You would schedule the rollout one region at a time. Finally, you would document the progression of the enterprise architecture using a state evolution table.
  4. You would use a Consolidated Gaps, Solutions and Dependencies Matrix as a planning tool. For each gap classify whether the solution is either a new envelopment, purchased solution, or based on an existing product. You would group the similar solutions together to define the work packages. You would then regroup the work packages into a set of Capability Increments to transition to the Target Architecture taking into account the schedule for clinical trials.

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We'll update a new version.

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The briefing OG0-093 has been updated.



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