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25 Comments on “Can I move a Reserved Instance from one Region to another?

    1. says:

      Wrong, as there is nothing about “move outside a region but between all AZ”…

      Convertible Reserved Instances -Convertible RIs give you even more flexibility and offer a significant discount (typically 45% compared to On-Demand). They allow you to change the instance family and other parameters associated with a Reserved Instance at any time. For example, you can convert C3 RIs to C4 RIs to take advantage of a newer instance type, or convert C4 RIs to M4 RIs if your application turns out to need more memory. You can also use Convertible RIs to take advantage of EC2 price reductions over time.

      Answer A ist right.


  1. Simon Liang says:


    Q: Can I move a Reserved Instance from one Region or Availability Zone to another?

    Each Reserved Instance is associated with a specific Region, which is fixed for the lifetime of the reservation and cannot be changed. Each reservation can, however, be used in any of the available AZs within the associated Region.


  2. Duck bro says:

    Q: Can I transfer a Convertible or Standard Reserved Instance from one region to another?
    No, a Reserved Instance is associated with a specific region, which is fixed for the duration of the reservation’s term.


  3. UKT says:

    When you exchange one Convertible Reserved Instance for another, EC2 ensures that the total value of the Convertible Reserved Instances is maintained through a conversion. So, if you are converting your Reserved Instance with a total value of $1000 for another Reserved Instance, you will receive a quantity of Convertible Reserved Instances with a value that’s equal to or greater than $1000. You cannot convert your Convertible Reserved Instance for Convertible Reserved Instance(s) of a lesser total value.


  4. tony1 says:

    Let me know your thoughts

    ” The same origin policy disallows reading the remote resource”

    How can you allow your corporate webpages to invoke the API?


  5. PPV says:

    Friends I have taken AWS Certified solution Architect-Associate exam on Oct 6th 2017 and have cleared the same. This is my feedback to all.
    1. Out of these 500 odd question you may hardly get 3-4 questions.
    2. There are many folks trying to offer dumps which again will have 300-400 questions as that are here and is of no real use
    3. You need to prepare well and thats the only way to clear the exam. No short cuts will help
    4. Tips : Elimination of some ans is the best way to approach each question
    5. You wont get simple and direct questions like what is SWF etc for sure
    6. You wont get lengthy questions either
    7. You get 2-3 lines scenario based questions. If you have prepared well its easy to eliminate wrong choices
    8. STC, Lamda, EFS have been added to the list now.
    9. Most of the questions are around or related to DynamoDB
    10. You should target for 80-90% atleast to pass


  6. Ibrahim says:

    QUESTION 476
    In Amazon EC2, while sharing an Amazon EBS snapshot, can the snapshots with AWS Marketplace product codes be public?

    A. Yes, but only for US-based providers.
    B. Yes, they can be public.
    C. No, they cannot be made public.
    D. Yes, they are automatically made public by the system.

    Answer: C

    QUESTION 477
    An organization has created an application which is hosted on the AWS EC2 instance. The application stores images to S3 when the end user uploads to it. The organization does not want to store the AWS secure credentials required to access the S3 inside the instance. Which of the below mentioned options is a possible solution to avoid any security threat?

    A. Use the IAM based single sign between the AWS resources and the organization application.
    B. Use the IAM role and assign it to the instance.
    C. Since the application is hosted on EC2, it does not need credentials to access S3.
    D. Use the X.509 certificates instead of the access and the secret access keys.

    Answer: B

    QUESTION 478
    Can resource record sets in a hosted zone have a different domain suffix (for example, and

    A. Yes, it can have for a maximum of three different TLDs.
    B. Yes
    C. Yes, it can have depending on the TLD.
    D. No

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 479
    You are running PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS and it seems to be all running smoothly deployed in one availability zone. A database administrator asks you if DB instances running PostgreSQL support Multi-AZ deployments. What would be a correct response to this question?

    A. Yes.
    B. Yes but only for small db instances.
    C. No.
    D. Yes but you need to request the service from AWS.

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 480
    A user has launched 10 EC2 instances inside a placement group. Which of the below mentioned statements is true with respect to the placement group?

    A. All instances must be in the same AZ
    B. All instances can be across multiple regions
    C. The placement group cannot have more than 5 instances
    D. All instances must be in the same region

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 481
    Which of the following AWS CLI commands is syntactically incorrect?

    1. $ aws ec2 describe-instances
    2. $ aws ec2 start-instances –instance-ids i-1348636c
    3. $ aws sns publish –topic-arn arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:546419318123:OperationsError -message “Script Failure”
    4. $ aws sqs receive-message –queue-url

    A. 3
    B. 4
    C. 2
    D. 1

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 482
    An organization has developed a mobile application which allows end users to capture a photo on their mobile device, and store it inside an application. The application internally uploads the data to AWS S3. The organization wants each user to be able to directly upload data to S3 using their Google ID. How will the mobile app allow this?

    A. Use the AWS Web identity federation for mobile applications, and use it to generate temporary security credentials for each user.
    B. It is not possible to connect to AWS S3 with a Google ID.
    C. Create an IAM user every time a user registers with their Google ID and use IAM to upload files to S3.
    D. Create a bucket policy with a condition which allows everyone to upload if the login ID has a Google part to it.

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 483
    You are architecting an auto-scalable batch processing system using video processing pipelines and Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) for a customer. You are unsure of the limitations of SQS and need to find out. What do you think is a correct statement about the limitations of Amazon SQS?

    A. It supports an unlimited number of queues but a limited number of messages per queue for each user but automatically deletes messages that have been in the queue for more than 4 weeks.
    B. It supports an unlimited number of queues and unlimited number of messages per queue for each user but automatically deletes messages that have been in the queue for more than 4 days.
    C. It supports an unlimited number of queues but a limited number of messages per queue for each user but automatically deletes messages that have been in the queue for more than 4 days.
    D. It supports an unlimited number of queues and unlimited number of messages per queue for each user but automatically deletes messages that have been in the queue for more than 4 weeks.

    Answer: B

    QUESTION 484
    An online gaming site asked you if you can deploy a database that is a fast, highly scalable NoSQL database service in AWS for a new site that he wants to build. Which database should you recommend?

    A. Amazon DynamoDB
    B. Amazon RDS
    C. Amazon Redshift
    D. Amazon SimpleDB

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 485
    You have been doing a lot of testing of your VPC Network by deliberately failing EC2 instances to test whether instances are failing over properly. Your customer who will be paying the AWS bill for all this asks you if he being charged for all these instances. You try to explain to him how the billing works on EC2 instances to the best of your knowledge. What would be an appropriate response to give to the customer in regards to this?

    A. Billing commences when Amazon EC2 AMI instance is completely up and billing ends as soon as the instance starts to shutdown.
    B. Billing only commences only after 1 hour of uptime and billing ends when the instance terminates.
    C. Billing commences when Amazon EC2 initiates the boot sequence of an AMI instance and billing ends when the instance shuts down.
    D. Billing commences when Amazon EC2 initiates the boot sequence of an AMI instance and billing ends as soon as the instance starts to shutdown.

    Answer: C

    QUESTION 486
    You log in to IAM on your AWS console and notice the following message. “Delete your root access keys.” Why do you think IAM is requesting this?

    A. Because the root access keys will expire as soon as you log out.
    B. Because the root access keys expire after 1 week.
    C. Because the root access keys are the same for all users.
    D. Because they provide unrestricted access to your AWS resources.

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 487
    Once again your customers are concerned about the security of their sensitive data and with their latest enquiry ask about what happens to old storage devices on AWS. What would be the best answer to this question?

    A. AWS reformats the disks and uses them again.
    B. AWS uses the techniques detailed in DoD 5220.22-M to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process.
    C. AWS uses their own proprietary software to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process.
    D. AWS uses a 3rd party security organization to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process.

    Answer: B

    QUESTION 488
    Your company has been storing a lot of data in Amazon Glacier and has asked for an inventory of what is in there exactly. So you have decided that you need to download a vault inventory. Which of the following statements is incorrect in relation to Vault Operations in Amazon Glacier?

    A. You can use Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications to notify you when the job completes.
    B. A vault inventory refers to the list of archives in a vault.
    C. You can use Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) notifications to notify you when the job completes.
    D. Downloading a vault inventory is an asynchronous operation.

    Answer: C

    QUESTION 489
    A customer enquires about whether all his data is secure on AWS and is especially concerned about Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) so you need to inform him of some of the security features in place for AWS. Which of the below statements would be an incorrect response to your customers enquiry?

    A. Amazon EMR customers can choose to send data to Amazon S3 using the HTTPS protocol for secure transmission.
    B. Amazon S3 provides authentication mechanisms to ensure that stored data is secured against unauthorized access.
    C. Every packet sent in the AWS network uses Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).
    D. Customers may encrypt the input data before they upload it to Amazon S3.

    Answer: C

    QUESTION 490
    You are in the process of building an online gaming site for a client and one of the requirements is that it must be able to process vast amounts of data easily. Which AWS Service would be very helpful in processing all this data?

    A. Amazon S3
    B. AWS Data Pipeline
    C. AWS Direct Connect
    D. Amazon EMR

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 491
    You need to change some settings on Amazon Relational Database Service but you do not want the database to reboot immediately which you know might happen depending on the setting that you change. Which of the following will cause an immediate DB instance reboot to occur?

    A. You change storage type from standard to PIOPS, and Apply Immediately is set to true.
    B. You change the DB instance class, and Apply Immediately is set to false.
    C. You change a static parameter in a DB parameter group.
    D. You change the backup retention period for a DB instance from 0 to a nonzero value or from a nonzero value to 0, and Apply Immediately is set to false.

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 492
    What does the following policy for Amazon EC2 do?


    A. Allow users to use actions that start with “Describe” over all the EC2 resources.
    B. Share an AMI with a partner
    C. Share an AMI within the account
    D. Allow a group to only be able to describe, run, stop, start, and terminate instances

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 493
    You are setting up a very complex financial services grid and so far it has 5 Elastic IP (EIP) addresses. You go to assign another EIP address, but all accounts are limited to 5 Elastic IP addresses per region by default, so you aren’t able to. What is the reason for this?

    A. For security reasons.
    B. Hardware restrictions.
    C. Public (IPV4) internet addresses are a scarce resource.
    D. There are only 5 network interfaces per instance.

    Answer: C

    QUESTION 494
    Amazon RDS provides high availability and failover support for DB instances using _______.

    A. customized deployments
    B. Appstream customizations
    C. log events
    D. Multi-AZ deployments

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 495
    A major customer has asked you to set up his AWS infrastructure so that it will be easy to recover in the case of a disaster of some sort. Which of the following is important when thinking about being able to quickly launch resources in AWS to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster?

    A. Create and maintain AMIs of key servers where fast recovery is required.
    B. Regularly run your servers, test them, and apply any software updates and configuration changes.
    C. All items listed here are important when thinking about disaster recovery.
    D. Ensure that you have all supporting custom software packages available in AWS.

    Answer: C

    QUESTION 496
    What does Amazon DynamoDB provide?

    A. A predictable and scalable MySQL database
    B. A fast and reliable PL/SQL database cluster
    C. A standalone Cassandra database, managed by Amazon Web Services
    D. A fast, highly scalable managed NoSQL database service

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 497
    You want to use AWS Import/Export to send data from your S3 bucket to several of your branch offices. What should you do if you want to send 10 storage units to AWS?

    A. Make sure your disks are encrypted prior to shipping.
    B. Make sure you format your disks prior to shipping.
    C. Make sure your disks are 1TB or more.
    D. Make sure you submit a separate job request for each device.

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 498
    What would be the best way to retrieve the public IP address of your EC2 instance using the CLI?

    A. Using tags
    B. Using traceroute
    C. Using ipconfig
    D. Using instance metadata

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 499
    You need to measure the performance of your EBS volumes as they seem to be under performing. You have come up with a measurement of 1,024 KB I/O but your colleague tells you that EBS volume performance is measured in IOPS. How many IOPS is equal to 1,024 KB I/O?

    A. 16
    B. 256
    C. 8
    D. 4

    Answer: D


    1. Krishna says:

      Hi Gaurav, so you mean to say you have received close to 20-23 questions in the exam from this dump ?

      What about other versions available in this website ?


  7. Johaness says:

    Passed! Thank you guys. Not for the questions (didn’t had one from here), but for all the comments, and the explanations, and the links. Used the “old questions” here for practice


  8. Maddy says:

    Hello Friends, i passed the Associate certification with 64%. There are some basic questions on API, Lambda, CORS, Kinesis and DynamoDB. Go through the FAQs and whizlabs practice tests. These practice tests are more of latest dumps i would say. The dumps here in breifmenow will help you but these are not updated.



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